1. How long does Delivery take?
Any order before 12 noon will be delivered Next day. If you have any problems with orders/Deliveries. Please email - sales@rockafelladistro.com

2. What is the Minimum order?
We have no MOQ's on our orders. You have to be authorised retailer to buy our products. Checks will be in place.

3. Is our Brands compliant with the current laws?

We work closely with Third Party compliance companies to make sure our product is up to date with the current laws. 

4. My Account waiting to be approved?

It's necessary to perform checks on any retailer that buys our product. Account approval can be anywhere from 1 to 24 hours max.

5. What happens after my order?

We won't be able to ship any orders out without the payment being cleared.

If this has taken more than 2 day's please contact your local bank to make sure they've let payment go through.

Once payment is cleared, you should receive a tracking number once the order is shipped out.

6. Do I receive an invoice for my order?

All retailer will receive an invoice prior to payment. This helps make sure we get your order out as soon as possible.

7.Shipping Cost?

Flat rate shipping anywhere in the UK is  £10. Abroad may incur additional charges passed a certain weight.

If you need help regarding your order? Please contact your current account manager or call us -  (+44) 01612226040